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June 30, 2016

[Tutorial] Addressing Issues with Deleting an Entity in CRM

[Tutorial] Addressing Issues with Deleting an Entity in CRM-01

Are you having difficulties deleting an entity in CRM?  The error message you are getting is basic and non-descriptive. This post will discuss a couple of possible culprits and the potential solutions. Is there a calculated field attribute on a form within the entity you are trying to delete? Is… Read More

May 5, 2016

PaaS – The Engine for Agile Innovation

PaaS - The Engine for Agile Innovation-01

The Internet is an exponential environment. With more technology choices, development strategies, and varied products available than ever before, businesses continue to seek out ways to differentiate themselves. It’s been estimated that 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past two years and that information doubles every… Read More

April 27, 2016

CRM – A Marketer’s Tool for the Evolving Business

CRM_A Marketers Tool for the Evolving Business-01

If one thing remains true in business, it’s that customers grow and change and your strategy to deliver experiences to them must also evolve. So, to meet tomorrow’s consumer needs, how do you provide the personalized experiences they will be seeking? The answer lies in a customer relationship management (CRM)… Read More

February 10, 2016

What’s New in Dynamics CRM


The pace of change in the Dynamics CRM platform and associated products has raced forward over the past year or two. It’s likely to continue picking up steam. Knowing what’s currently out, what’s in preview, and what’s planned for release in the future is challenging at best! In the recent… Read More

December 8, 2015

Rapid Application Development – Concepts and Practice


I’m looking forward to presenting on Wednesday, December 9, 2015, at 3:30pm with RBA Solution Lead, Nate Tyler, on Rapid Application Development concepts at the Government IT Symposium in St. Paul, Minnesota. We plan to outline many core concepts about how to do it reliably and rapidly, and even build one… Read More