May 15, 2013

CRM Speed and Simplicity

One of the enhancements I was most excited about when I first read Microsoft’s CRM 2011 Statement of Direction November 2012 was the enhanced user experience for CRM online.  Six months later, I am still excited about the new user experience which lives up to the description of being a… Read More

May 10, 2013

Who Moved My Opportunity?

I recently received an email from a salesperson wondering why she could not edit one of her Opportunities.  After confirming she did not accidentally close the Opportunity, we brought the CRM administrator at the client site into the conversation and asked about recent changes to the sales process.  The CRM… Read More

May 6, 2013

A Guide to Dynamics CRM Documentation, Resources and Communities

Microsoft provides an abundance of information on Dynamics CRM across multiple sites.   I appreciate the diversity of topics and perspectives as well as the various formats used to present the information.  However, effectively searching a specific topic can be frustrating and time consuming. The CRM Dynamics Team published a reference guide which is designed to help you navigate… Read More

May 2, 2013

What’s In Your CRM Junk Drawer?

The idea of saving extra parts and pieces because we are not sure what to do with them right now, but because we believe they may be useful someday is nothing new.  For some of us recycling and reuse is a way of life where there is a mindful effort… Read More