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July 30, 2015

The Path To Understanding The Customer Journey


The customer journey or overall customer experience is a hot topic these days with marketers. Brands are realizing more and more that consumers are in a dominant position during the buying process and that affects how purchases are being made. It’s more important than ever to understand your customers and… Read More

October 16, 2014

Mobile Moments at MIMA Summit 2014

Mobile Moments at MIMA Summit 2014-01

I attended the MIMA Summit this week in Minneapolis.  It was an energizing day of sessions and keynotes by a who’s who of the digital space today. One thread that seemed to permeate the talks was the concept of “moments.” Moments are those opportunities when you have the user’s attention. … Read More

September 3, 2014

The Mobile World Is Flat…Mostly

The Mobile World Is Flat...Mostly-01-01

Last week at the end of an interview, a candidate asked about my thoughts on flat design. Though unspoken, I think this question typically presumes allegiance to one of two camps. You’re either a flat person or aligned with everything else (and there’s a lot of everything else that is… Read More